Benimaclet has always been an active barrio, determined to struggle for and improve the public services that are necessary for all. Here are the memories of some of the achievements. From the old campaigns to get the “TRENET” (little train) tracks moved underground, since they divided the neighbourhood into two parts, to the most recent struggles to obtain plots for urban gardens, HUERTOS URBANOS, on the land abandoned by the “progress” of urbanization. We will also remember all the struggles to obtain quality public schools: the day care centre GUARDERÍA AISO, the RASCANYA-ANTONIO CAÑUELO high school, the FERRER I GUARDIA high school, the CARLES SALVADOR, PADRE CATALÁ and COLEGIO MUNICIPAL schools, and the health centre, CENTRO DE SALUD.

In this section we want also to remember, recognize and honour all of you who took part in these struggles, because if it were not for you and your unselfish passionate efforts, the Benimaclet we know and enjoy today would not have been possible. But not everything is finished. There is still a lot to be done, so we ask you to let us know about improvements you would like to see or complaints about situations in the neighbourhood that you think should be avoided or improved. And you are welcome to join the themes that we, as residents of the neighbourhood, will continue to work with so that Benimaclet, situated today in the midst of the city, will continue to safeguard its own personality without losing any of the advantages and comforts that come with being a part of Valencia.