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Architecture and society combine to define cities. The 20th century and modernity gave rise to social movements. And much of the contemporary architecture that we can see responds to a model of neighbourhood construction based on ideas like cooperation, protected housing and current actions that vouch for shared experience when building.

Here we list a number of constructions begun in the 1920´s, starting with BARRIO SANTA ANA and BARRIO MASCARELL, that have already disappeared, and including a first phase of cooperative building in the 1950´s, such as COOPERATIVAS S. FCO DE ASIS, and COOPERATIVA LA PROSPERIDAD.

From around the 1980´s we have some very representative examples, such as COOPERATIVA ESPAI VERT, COOPERATIVA BENLLIURE, or even LA COLMENA (Edificio Tramoyeres).

We finish the list with a kaleidoscopic set of buildings categorized by their efforts to place architectural contents and ambitions at the service of citizens. These are the CASA AYM together with the MULTI CULTURAL PROJECT ARQUITECTURA, the CO-WORKING ACONTRAPEU, the municipal CENTRO DE SERVICIOS SOCIALES and the CENTRO MULTIUSOS DE BENIMACLET.

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