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Benimaclet has been, is and we hope it will continue to be, a cultural and artistic meeting point. Associations, schools, artists and groups have cultivated our way of life little by little. In this barrio, we have believed in knowledge. Benimaclet is where roads and ages meet. University, school, the streets, Internet, the elderly and Erasmus come together in a natural way, sharing experiences.

In this section we will look at the places where, through time and more or less regularly, the residents of the neighbourhood have had access to culture. From the first elementary reader to Joaquín Sorolla, they have all contributed something to our common culture. We have learned something from all of them, be they private, public or semi-public, voluntary or official, popular or elitist.

Exceptional houses, such as CASA DE PEPA NICOLAU or CASA DEL TRENCADÍS, institutions like LA COOPERATIVA, EL CENTRO INSTRUCTIVO MUSICAL, EL PATRONATO PARROQUIAL, popular schools such as that of Dª CARMEN CRESPO, and even the popular neighbourhood cinemas, like the CINE IDEAL, CINE MAVIS and the summer cinema, CINE DE VERANO, make up a list of places to remember.

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