Estación del Trenet, “La estacioneta”

Date: hasta enero del año 1990
Address: ubicada donde ahora está la parada de tranvía “Vicente Zaragozá”

The “estacioneta” or little station was located where the tram stop Vicente Zaragozá is today. It had a small building where tickets were sold and a waiting room with wooden benches. On both platform sides there was a big space where passengers waited. They also used to sit on the stone wall that surrounded the station in the shape of a semi-circle and that was useful above all for the old people of Benimaclet as a meeting point, to talk and to have a rest. There was also a row of plane trees that gave a nice shade – when they had not been savagely pruned.

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The area of the tracks was wide, as the trains of the two directions met here. There was a switching point where the trains could change from one track to another. Every 15 minutes, a train arrived to Benimaclet and every half hour a train left for El Grao. During the night the interval between trains was reduced. All of this continued in the same way until January 1990, when the last trenet left. (See “The trenet struggles”)