Our history began with an Arab farm. We can still see some of the typical “alquerías” in the rural surroundings or inside the city. This manner of occupying the land shaped our landscape, and even today some of our streets follow the same patterns. The alquerías are a symbol of our farming past that we should not forget, and that is why to get to know them is an attractive way of remembering our history. Here we can remember the farms that made up our urban and human landscape.

There are some alquerías that have disappeared because of an urban development that has not bothered to protect them but that are still worthwhile to remember, such as GRANJA DE MIRAMAR, the BARRACAS de TRAMOYERES, the ALQUERÍA DEL SACO, or the ALQUERÍA DE PATACH.

There are also alquerías that have been saved such as the ALQUERÍA DE LA XOCOLATERA, and others that today form part of the public services and resources of the neighbourhood and are now included in the urban landscape in a natural manner, such as CHALET VISTA ALEGRE, or the ALQUERÍA DE LA PURISIMA.Finally there are alquerías in the still rural parts, placed in surroundings that have stayed almost intact. They give silent witness of a different way of life, a different possible way of creating a city. Examples of this are the ALQUERÍA SERRA and the MOLÍ DE FARINÓS.

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