Who we are

The project BENIMACLET CONTA (Benimaclet narrates) consists of ALL of us.

This project is by all of us: those of us who have worked together to gather oral, visual, graphic and written memories of our barrio as well as those of you who are surfing around on our web site right now, interested in knowing more about Benimaclet.

The project was initiated in the Neighbourhood Association of Benimaclet; to be exact, it grew out of an idea Britt-Marie Thurén had and was enthusiastically seconded by Antonio Pérez, Paco Guardeño, Alba Sanchis, Manuel Cerdá, Fermín Alegría, Encarna Tello and Álvaro Yebra.

Others have contributed, too: Tito Llopis, Ángeles Herranz and Jesualdo Navarro. The translations into Valencian were done by Rosa Martín Adell, Inma Donat, Llum Bracho and Merxe Jiménez, and the translations into English by Britt-Marie Thurén, Alba Sanchis and José Manuel Martín.

The web page is the work of Cayetano Martos (Estudio STKa), based on an idea by Manuel Cerdá, who has also designed the information plaques and the amazing t-shirts made by Mariola and Juanfran, at Goatxa.

We also wish to express our sincere thanks to all the barrio residents who have entertained us with their stories, memories and comments: María Belenguer Suay, Antonio Senent, Teresa Antón, Jose Antonio Varela Ferrandis, the Molina Torres family, the Giner Sánchez family, the Bori Pastor family, the Laguarda family, Manolo Ciurana, Concha Escuder, Pascual Pastor, José Buch Sanchis, Salvador Almenar, Luis Bellver, Pepa Nicolau, Teresa Pastor, Jose Borja, Luis González, Lola García, Matilde Artalejo and Miguel Casaña. The same for Antonio Cortés, Antonio Carrascosa, Adolfo Herrero, Manuel Cerdá, Joaquín Asensi, Arturo Sanz y Carmel Gradolí, architects, for the information about their buildings.

And of course we also want to thank all the shop owners who have allowed us to hang the information plaques on the walls of their shops: Butchery Casa Rodríguez, Butchery Ramón García, English School Euroenglish, Bar Juma, the shop Alsolamano, Bank Caja Mar, Café Mamina’s, Hairdresser Pilar Masdemont, Grocery Paco, Stationery Giner, Pharmacy Sancho, Tombstones and Marbles Calabuig, Llar Cultural, Asanma Analítiques, A Contar Mentiras, Pizzería Bajo Flores, Shop La Xocolatera, Cooperativa La Prosperidad, Multi Cultural Project Architecture , A Contrapeu Coworking, Calicopia, Shoes Mariló, and the day care center “Bressol”.

The subtitle of the project is “Benimaclet, a Barrio that Tells its own History” because that is what it is all about. Little by little, we have collected data through long and pleasant conversations with the elderly (and the not so elderly) of the barrio, recreating facts, memories and experiences that have been orally transmitted. We have also dug into our own memories and lives, trunks and photo albums, searching for any information we could think of in order to create an ample digital archive to store big and small stories and share them so that they will not be lost and forgotten. The basic idea is to learn about and appreciate the nooks, spots and events that with time have shaped the history of this wonderful barrio. In this way, a large set of places has been identified. Through them you can learn about the past and the present of the barrio. They have been organized by themes and routes in order to make them easier to find and understand. All of this is provisional, since we hope to enlarge and complete the information with the help of all of you, starting right now.

How it works

There are two ways to find the information: physical and virtual, both of them integrated through this web page.

The selected places are grouped in a series of THEMES according to a common idea. For now there are 5 themes, but we are working on developing more of them, together with your contributions that will surely complete the picture.

And, since there is nothing like visiting a barrio to get to know it better, we have prepared a number of ROUTES, in the manner of a travel guide, inviting you in this way to take pleasant cultural walks around the various parts of Benimaclet, connecting themes and places.

Walking along the routes, in certain key spots you will discover PLAQUES on the façades of the places chosen. On each sign you will find a photo and the name of the place along with a QR CODE. With the help of this code and a cell phone you can enter this WEB, where you can see and download longer and more detailed information.

How to participate

The idea is for this web page to be SHARED, OPEN to everybody and continually GROWING.

If you think something is missing or that some information can be extended or improved or if you find something wrong, we will be happy to receive your suggestions and contributions. If you would like to see a new route added to the ones we have suggested, if you think there are places, persons, events… anything of interest that you have not found here, please, let us know. The project is of, for and by all of us.

In the CONTACT section, you can submit your suggestions; texts, photos or any other kind of information that you think ought to be present on the web site. We want you to join us and be part of the project. We are sure that you will feel proud (just as we do) of being able to say that you have helped to see to it that one part of our common culture will not be lost.