The Mavis Cinema


During the time that Mavis Hall was a bingo club and a dance hall, a new cinema was built in the back, at Reverendo Rafael Tramoyeres Street number 7. It was called Mavis cinema.

Like the Meló Cinema, this one was a re-release cinema too (See Ideal Cinema), so you could watch two films in one session, but its design and comfort had nothing to do with Ideal cinema. The re-released films had better quality sound and image. The seats were much more comfortable and they were strategically placed with the necessary inclination for good visibility. The design was as good as that of many central premiere cinemas. It had a clean and well-staffed coffee shop. There was just a ground floor, so it did not have the balcony that was common in other re-release cinemas.

The arrival of video rental shops meant the death of village and district cinemas, among them the Mavis cinema. It disappeared in the second half of the 1980’s.