There are two ways to find the information: physical and virtual, both of them integrated through this web page.

The selected places are grouped in a series of THEMES according to a common idea. For now there are 5 themes, but we are working on developing more of them, together with your contributions that will surely complete the picture.

And, since there is nothing like visiting a barrio to get to know it better, we have prepared a number of ROUTES, in the manner of a travel guide, inviting you in this way to take pleasant cultural walks around the various parts of Benimaclet, connecting themes and places.

Walking along the routes, in certain key spots you will discover PLAQUES on the façades of the places chosen. On each sign you will find a photo and the name of the place along with a QR CODE. With the help of this code and a cell phone you can enter this WEB, where you can see and download longer and more detailed information.